St. Mary’s School Advisory Board

The purpose of the Board is to give advice and counsel to the Pastor of Cathedral of St. Mary, the Principal of St. Mary’s Catholic School, and the Vice-Principal of St. Mary’s Catholic School in governing and operating St. Mary’s Catholic School.

The Advisory Board shall be responsible for advising and counseling the Administrative Team in their governance and operations of the School, according to these Bylaws, canon law, Wyoming and Federal law and regulations, and good business practices. Among those responsibilities are:

a) Acting and providing advice and counsel in the best interest of the School;
b) Attendance and participation at Advisory Board and Committee meetings, including preparation for those meetings;
c) Completion of assigned tasks;
d) Promotion of the Catholic mission and identity of the School;
e) Recommendation, development, and maintenance of policies, practices, procedures norms, and long-range planning;
f) Advice and counsel concerning finances, and recommendation of the budget and financial reports;
g) Promotion of the School, including fundraising, recruitment of students and families, and communication and engagement with supporters.
h) Assist the Pastor of Cathedral of St. Mary, when he chooses, in the selection, renewal, removal, and oversight of the Principal.

Executive Committee

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Board Members

Jeff Rusk
Thomas Szott
Deacon Dave Zelenka

Ex-Officio Members