About Catholic Schools

Choosing a school is one of the most important decisions we make as parents.  We all want the best for our children especially when it comes to education.  A strong educational foundation is an essential element to a child’s future success.

For parents who choose Catholic education it is a gift to their children as well.  Why do parents choose Catholic schools?

  • Catholic schools have a proven record of academic excellence. According to statistics from the National Catholic Educational Association, the high school graduation rate for Catholic students is 99% with 97% going on to college.  Rigorous academic programs in the elementary and secondary schools such as the one offered at St. Mary’s are the foundation for these achievements.
  • Catholic schools nurture the whole child. Catholic schools continue the religious formation of children that is begun in the home.  Religion is an integral part of the curriculum in a Catholic school, allowing students to grow spiritually as well as academically.  At St. Mary’s students are taught and expected to learn the basics of catechism and the practice of their faith in everyday life.  Parents and teachers guide students in applying their faith in projects and activities.  In a Catholic school, parents know that their children are not only being informed, but also formed, preparing them to be moral citizens in the future.
  • Catholic schools offer a disciplined environment based on Christian values.  It is a proven fact that children learn best in a well-disciplined environment for which Catholic schools are known to have.  We at St. Mary’s seek to develop the Christ-like person, one that accepts responsibility for his actions and respects others.
  • Catholic schools offer caring, supportive, family-like communities. In a Catholic school, parents, teachers, and students form a community with common goals, objectives, and priorities.  Shared values lead to a high level of commitment to work together for the good of the school.  Most of the teachers in a Catholic school, including St. Mary’s are Catholic themselves, dedicated to developing both the spirit and the intellect of their students.  They serve as role models as well as educators. Parents are encouraged to become active participants in the education of their children through numerous volunteer opportunities.