Nola Rocha

I believe in the education that the school provides to our community as an alternative option other than public school. My husband and I decided to send out two boys to St. Mary’s after carefully considering the differences between private and public education options. The curriculum and teachers that we experienced were top notch during our tenure at the school. If hindsight is 20/20, I believe that sending our children to St Mary’s was one of our best education decisions.

I have a good set of skills to bring to the board in terms of financial review and strength. I still retain my CPA license and, in the past, have audited the schools’ financial statements. I currently work at LCCC as the comptroller and I’m familiar with budgeting structures, cash management, investments, and financing options this includes working with policy and procedures set by the Board of Trustee’s. I have also worked in public accounting with
McGee, Hearne and Paiz for 15 years and have experience with multiple different business structures and accounting systems.

We are members of the St. Mary’s parish, and our company Rocha Woodworks continues to support the school through a purchase of a table at Winefest. I look forward to the opportunity to serve on this advisory board.