St. Mary's Catholic School

Educating the whole child spiritually, intellectually and physically.

2nd Grade Mrs. Smith

Reading: In second grade we use the Reading Street Basal as our basic reading curriculum. This basal consists of reading skills, spelling, writing and grammar.

Math: Progress in Mathmatics is the name of our math program. We start the year with a review of addition and subtraction, then continue with regrouping of addition and subtraction, geometry, measurement, fractions, and we end the year with multiplication and division.

Social Studies: We use Daily Geography which ranges from the study of communities to different states, climates, and geography.

Science:Science units that are covered in second grade are space and planets, animals and their habitat, weather and how it affects us, the body and its systems: respiratory, skeletal, muscles, digestive, and nervous system.

The specials that are available are p.e., music, art, computer, and library.

Fieldtrips taken: Planetarium at the University of Wyoming, Wyoming State Museum, Governor's Mansion, Wyoming State Capitol, Old West Museum

We are fortunate to be located across the street from the public library and use it frequently for research. The public library also has many exhibits that we are able to see.

About Me

Smith_Estella216.JPGYears teaching: 33, 8 years at St. Mary’s Catholic School

Education: Bachelor of Elementary Education & Masters in Elementary Education, Western Illinois University

The best thing about teaching is the love that students have for learning new things. The excitement and enthusiasm that children have for learning keeps our classroom vibrant.

I choose to teach at St. Mary’s because I believe that Christ is our foundation. St. Mary’s is providing academic, social, and spiritual guidance to students. I wanted to be a part of this wonderful environment.